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Health certificates are required for movement of animals, semen and embryos within the state, outside the state and outside the country. Each state and country has their own regulations for entry. In addition, the show, sale or new owner may have additional requirements. All these requirements must be satisfied prior to completion and signing of the health certificate. For an international health certificate, there is an additional step required and that is an endorsement by the federal veterinarian in Madison. The following are required fields that must be filled in on the health certificate:

  1. Consignor (Owner)
  2. Owner's Address
  3. Owner's Phone Number
  4. Owner's Premise Registration Number
  5. Consignee (Destination)
  6. Destination Address
  7. Destination Phone Number
  8. Destination Premise Registration Number
  9. Number in Shipment
  10. Date of Shipment
  11. Purpose of Movement - breeding, feeding, show, sale, etc.
  12. Species
  13. Official Identification - RFID, USDA ear tag, Registration Number, Breed Tattoo
  14. Breed
  15. Sex
  16. Age
  17. Brucellosis tattoo

Health Certificates generally expire after 30 days from date certificate is issued.
Health certificate can only be issued within 7 days after date of inspection.

Telephone numbers are required.

Below are websites that provide the requirements for each state or country.
Because requirements are constantly changing, our office will call the destination state's area office or the USDA for international exports to verify the requirements.

State Import Requirements

International Import Requirements